Our Mission and Objectives

To conduct research in order to enhance understanding of conservation through the use of wild living resources and to influence policy and practice accordingly.

Workshop in Abu Dhabi on Bird Trade
27 Aug 2019

A lot of ‘wildlife crime’ occurs because local traditions are rendered illegal by decisions made in English at international conventions without the awareness, let alone with consultation in their own language, of those affected. Such crime can be addressed by giving more scope for local people to act legally and explaining in local languages why that is important. Recommendations to that effect were one outcome of a workshop organised on 27 August in Abu Dhabi by the International Association for Falconry and Conservation of Birds of Prey, the Convention on Conservation of Migratory Species and the Bern Convention. After a talk by members of ESUG, SUME & SULiour network to promote legal use of Saker Falcons was re-launched in 10 languages by an Emirati diplomat, HE Awadh Ali Sali, by pressing the button to publish www.sakernet.org.

Riccardo Simoncini publishes on Mainstreaming Biodiversity & Ecosystem Services in the CAP
20 Aug 2019

Dr Riccardo Simoncini, coordinator of ESUG's Agriculture Working Group, joined colleagues to prepare Chapter 6 on "Options for Governance and Decision Making across Scales and Sectors" in the IPBES Report for Europe and Central Asia. He then turned this into a paper on constraints and opportunities for biodiversity and ecosystem services under the Common Agricultural Policy which is being published in Land Use Policy Volume 88. This key review for anyone working on biodiversity in agricultural ecosystems is available from the publisher until 20 September 2019 and therafter in Resources on our Downloads.

ESUG GM in Karlovac on 24 April 2019
24 Apr 2019

Our 2019 General Meeting was in Karlovac, Croatia, as part of a conference with together with IUCN's group on Sustainable Use and Management of Ecosystems during 23-25 April 2019. Many thanks to Dr Viktor Šegrt for the planning and Dr Margarita Maruškić Kulaš for facilities at Aquatika. Please visit our Meetings Page for all the details.

ESUG Chair as Falconry Festival veteran
08 Dec 2017

Thanks to the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan al Nahyan, a pioneering landscape ecologist, the first International Falconry Festival was in Abu Dhabi in 1976. Falconer-biologists gathered when falconry was struggling to show its conservation benefits and survive ignorant attacks. When veterans of that meeting re-gathered in 2017, they celebrated falconry's inscription by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage and the re-legalisation of falconry after 50 year's absence in Denmark. Further details of ESUG and SUME activities in 2017 are in an annual report.

SUME met in Lima, Peru
27 Oct 2017

SUME's 4th meeting was kindly hosted during 26-27 October 2017 by the 

Instituto de Ciencias de la Naturaleza, Territorio y Energía Renovables at the

Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú. Download proceedings of the meeting to read the abstracts, linked to Powerpoint presentations and other useful information.


 ESUG is governed by its members, who delegate responsibility between general meetings to an elected Chairperson, currently Dr Julie Ewald of the UK, and Committee, currently Dr Tetiana Gardashuk (Ukraine), Dr David Scallan (Belgium), Dr Zenon Tederko (Poland), Dr Viktor Šegrt (Croatia), Prof Sándor Csányi (Hungary), Dr Frank Vorhies (UK) and Prof Robert Kenward (UK); Robin Sharp CB is Chair Emeritus.The Group has a part time Secretariat c/o EBCD, Rue de la Science 10, 1000-Brussels, with offices also in Japan and UK.



Effectively, the group works through projects to produce knowledge tools for conservation through sustainable use of biodiversity, either as

  1. Policy documents and instruments for governments, or
  2. Software tools, including web-portals, to distribute knowledge


Patrons of ESUG 

We are profoundly grateful to the following for their generous support of our work for 2019-20, which has already enabled a Climate Change page & will give 12 more languages on  www.naturalliance.org:

Federation of Associations for Hunting & Conservation of the EU

British Association for Shooting & Conservation

Chair of Anatrack Ltd

Robin Sharp CB