Members and Working Groups

Currently there are 98 individual expert members of ESUG from 40 countries. A majority are also members of IUCN thematic groups for Sustainable Use and Livelyhoods (SULi) or Sustainable Use and Management of Ecosystems (SUME).


ESUG pursues its objectives through the Chair, Committee and Six Working Groups based on Co-ordinators who liaise with ESUG members, other IUCN Specialist Groups and other organisations interested in the relevant focal areas. The current Working Groups are: 

  • Agriculture
  • Forestry
  • Fisheries
  • Biodiversity Business
  • Wildlife Species
  • Plants and Fungi


Helping within Committee to oversee the activities of the 6 Working Groups are leaders of three cross-cutting Divisions, for: Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services, Governance, and Policy and Socio-Economics.





ESUG is governed by its members, who delegate responsibility between general meetings to an elected Chairperson, currently Prof Robert Kenward of the UK, and elected Committee, currently Dr Tetiana Gardashuk (Ukraine), Mrs Despina Symons (Belgium), Dr Zenon Tederko (Poland), Prof Mari Ivask (Estonia), Dr Julie Ewald (UK) and Dr David Scallan (Belgium); Robin Sharp CB is Chair Emeritus.The Group has a part time Secretariat c/o EBCD, Rue de la Science 10, 1000-Brussels.




Effectively, the group works through projects to produce knowledge tools for conservation through sustainable use of biodiversity, either as

  1. Policy documents and instruments for governments, or
  2. Software tools, including web-portals, to distribute knowledge